What’s New With the Virtual Assistants – 90 Days Later?

The first quarter of 2017 comes to a close today. If you are like me, you are probably already taking stock of the goals you have achieved so far. Oh yes – virtual assistants do it to!

The season was not as busy as I had anticipated, giving me an opportunity to work on the various shifts. These included moving out of the co-working space we occupied throughout 2016 to go back to working virtually like the virtual assistants we are. I wanted that flexibility back, not just for the business or myself but also for anyone who was going to be part of the team.

So what shifts have we been making?

If you have been paying attention to our website you will notice that there have been some changes (still going on) with brand new offerings added on. It has always been my goal to ensure that I provide the best value to all of the clients we engage. If the clients feel we are not providing value, then my stance is usually this: find a way to provide value or, if all else fails, walk away. Of course, it is never desirable to walk away from a client. Clients are the reason we are in business. So before walking away I try to look for ways I can improve to provide the value the client is looking for and make the necessary shifts I need to make. I am also always happy to recommend service providers whom I believe will give clients the value they are looking for. It’s obviously something I have had to learn to do as gracefully and as respectfully as I can. At the end of the day, I sincerely want the client to be happy.

Make way for Financial Consultancy Services

That said, I am happy to announce that as of beginning of this year, Twenty47 Virtual Assistant started offering Financial Consultancy Services following our partnership with Itai Mafara. He is a registered Public Accountant and Estate Administrator in Zimbabwe. We are confident in the value Itai can bring to small and growing businesses by working with them to harness the benefits of sound financial management, reporting, tax compliance and good corporate governance. The beauty of this whole partnership is that these services can still be provided virtually. This blends well with our vision to offer flexible professional business support as virtual assistants. There are a lot of nuggets Itai will share with startups and growing business in these areas here on this blog and certainly hope it will all be valuable to you.

…Extensive Business Support

In addition to providing virtual financial consultancy services as added value for our clients, we have also started offering extensive business support services not just limited to social media management and administrative task handling. These services include business analysis, project and event management. Our focus remains on small businesses and solopreneurs. However, we are not just about any small businesses or solopreneurs. We are very keen to work with those who are on the path of wanting to ensure the right systems are in place as they work on various projects in their businesses. Sometimes we know what we want as business owners. However, we’re not always sure on the path to follow to go there or may not know the intricate details that may be associated with certain projects. It happens and the first step towards success is realising you need help. We are passionate about working with business owners needing this kind of support.

…and Pro-Bono Projects

Lastly, we will be sharing our pro-bono projects with you. Often times I am approached by non-profit organisations wanting support on projects or administrative work. I have noticed that some of these organisations are heavily depended on very limited donations to the point where adding on the cost of working with a virtual assistant will be too  much of a burden for them. A year ago I started working with one organisation pro-bono. However, I’ve since decided to work with a new organisation/cause every quarter. I’m looking forward to sharing more information around our pro-bono work in the coming posts.

Now, that’s just about the summary of the few changes we are going through. We are ready to serve you today.

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