But…What Is Transcription?

First of all, THANK YOU to all those who have been sharing in their networks the incredibly insane offer we have running this month for transcription services. Your support will always be appreciated! 🙂 But now, after letting my network in on this crazy January offer I announced yesterday, this is was the most asked question today: What is transcription?

Well, I’m here with an answer: Transcription (well, at least in our VA world) is simply the conversion of speech into written (transcribed) format. Maybe I can clarify this with one simple example.

You have been chosen to be one of the speakers at an event in your business community. However, you are not the type to write your speeches down but prefer to speak from the heart, possibly just being guided by pointers or Powerpoint slides. I love these kinds of speakers by the way. 9/10 times they are authentic, fun and leave a lasting impression on me. Now, you go there and wow your audience with your message. Your great speech is done and your audience was also taking notes. But then you later realize some people miss the message for various reasons which sometimes even include hearing impairment. Yes. This is stuff you should think about.

What if your message was so powerful it could be a prologue to an e-book you can share with your followers or even sell? 

What do you do?

Well, firstly, you have to hope there’s a recording of everything you said on the day because you may not be able to remember the exact things you said as you said them in the moment. Advice: If you ever get an opportunity to speak and you realize the event is not being recorded, grab your smartphone and record yourself. You will thank yourself (and me) later. You’re welcome 🙂

Next, you need to write down or type out everything you said. Easy, right? Maybe. It sounds like a pretty simple task but once you start, you realize that you can’t swift through just 30 seconds of your recording without having to rewind and replay at least 5 times to take note of everything said during that short period of time. Now you spoke for 30 minutes! How long will it take you to complete this task? Do you have time out of your schedule to set aside for THAT? I don’t think so. Imagine what a nightmare it will become for you to the point where you just end up not doing it at all.

Now, this nightmare that’s unfolding in front of you is the result of what we call transcription. But as much as it may be a nightmare for you, this is no nightmare for us. When I say “Us” I also speak for all the virtual assistants offering transcription services out there. Personally, I actually enjoy this type of work.

As long as the voice in the audio is audible,  speaking in English and audio sound is clear with no background noises, I will gladly take this up and deliver your work proof read, revised and with time stamps too if required. Before you know it, you will have your speech in text format and use it as you please to reach even more people.

I can bet now you realize the different kind of audios you can transcribe.

If you have recorded interviews, church sermons, personal voice memos or presentations that you want to convert to written format, get in touch with me. During this month (And just this January) I have decided to extend this gift to anyone looking for assistance with this kind of work. This offer is only available on Fiverr. If you have some work you need done,  head on there right now! Offer ends 23:59:59 on 31.01.2018.

So, now that you know what transcription is, let’s work together!


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