[HANGOUT ON AIR] How You Can Partner With A Virtual Assistant To Give A Better Customer Experience

Of late I have been asked a couple of times about the virtual assistant industry, what a virtual assistant is and why I choose to focus on taking care of the most important element of my clients’ businesses online- that is, their customer. Many people are not aware that customers expect us to meet their needs completely when they visit our online spaces. This could be on Facebook, your website or maybe via your newsletter. For example, they don’t want to be given a number to call if their enquiry can be attended to online. The 21st century, digital age customer is hoping to find all the information he/she wants just by clicking a few buttons. What is your business doing to address this need online? I am inviting you to join me live next Friday on Hangouts On Air or YouTube as I share with you how your online business can benefit from partnering with a virtual assistant to give the best customer experiences online. Will you join me? It’s free!



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