[VIDEO] How to install Skype in 5 minutes

I created this tutorial video on how to install Skype for a lovely lady I met via a networking platform. I was to help her with some slight tweaks on her website but unfortunately we were thousands of miles apart and a long distance call wasn’t going to do our conversation justice. I suggested using Skype and she was open to finding out how she could go about setting it up on her PC herself. This is my first ever published tutorial and trust me, doing videos is not a joke. I was laughing every now and again each time I played back my voice and went through a million “CUT!” episodes. LOL! Nevertheless, at the end of the day, I was able to equip her with a skill in just 5 minutes and she had her first Skype video conversation with me.

I know there are so many videos about how to install Skype available on the internet but there is just something having a video especially made for you. It’s never too late to learn new things. Step out and fly and open up to a whole new world of exciting possibilities. Enjoy and learn!

I love tutoring and teaching people new things. Is there anything you would want me to teach you?

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