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About 2 weeks ago I set out on a search for a VA to join our team. I talked to a number of amazing people who were all interested in working with me. Thank you so much!

Unfortunately I had to pick only one person for now but I felt I wanted to stay connected to all of them in case future opportunities came up. Not only that, I also realised there was a lot we had in common. There is one statement I haven’t forgotten from one the calls I had. Someone had actually thought I was based elsewhere in the world outside of my home country, Zimbabwe🇿🇼. She was also convinced that Virtual Assistance DOES NOT work here. I was shocked (a bit) but not entirely. I remember how it was when I started out as a Virtual Assistant. People were so puzzled at the concept so much that I ended up being puzzled myself 😂 😂 But I had to try to demystify everything as much as I could. I am still trying to make people around me understand this “Virtual Thingy” I’m telling you! But, the conversations are flowing so much easier now than they did 5 years ago. So I told this lady that, of course it was possible to establish yourself as a VA in Zim but as much as I went on and on and on about the possibilities, I somewhat kind of felt like she was doubting what I was saying. I felt the need to stay connected to her because I would really love to see her smart self established as a Virtual Assistant one day so immediately offered my support as and when she needed it.

But I decided not to end there, because she is not the only one. I definitely don’t have all the answers to the HOW’s & the WHY’s of Virtual Assistance but I certainly have a lot to share based on my experiences over the past 5 years and the lessons I have learnt running such a business in this part of the world where some people may feel its impossible to thrive or at least earn a living from, part-time or full time. This is why I have started the The VA Community (Powered by Twenty47 Virtual Assistant). The VA Community is an online community of Virtual Assistants for support and collaboration. I have come this far thanks to support of and collaboration with other like-minded business owners. This is definitely something to consider if you want to go further in your career as a VA. If you are a Virtual Assistant or an aspiring Virtual Assistant, I invite you to join our community. IT’S FREE! And there’s a lot to be gained if you choose to stick around. So will I see you on the other side?

CLICK HERE if you are ready to join the VA Community

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