Which social media platform should your business use?

I always wish I had a straight answer to the question, “Which social media platform should I use for my business?

Many times I’ve met small business owners who want their businesses on Facebook. Why? Because someone told them that Facebook is basically ‘lit’ when it comes to business. Having understood the need to get their businesses online, this is usually the first platform they want to hope onto.

Now business owners need to know the truth. Yes Facebook is the biggest and baddest social media platform out there. However, is it the biggest and baddest for you?

There are many social media platforms out there. Each one has it’s benefits and drawbacks. You need to find out which one works for you for the purpose you want to achieve.

So, just for 5 minutes of your time today, I am going to let you  in on my answer to this question.

Enjoy and let me know which platform you think will work for you.




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