I have been missing

I really hate starting my blog posts with, “It’s been a while?” I really do. It shows that I have been absent. I have been missing. Worst of all, I just haven’t been consistent in keeping up with you all. I’m sorry. I wish I could give a good reason for this long spell of silence since May, but I can’t. I will just blame the very cold winter we experienced in Zimbabwe and can only pray that you will accept that excuse??

It was a busy winter season. We took on some exciting projects on both short term and long term basis. Do you want to know another exciting thing that happened? Well, I got to briefly meet up with my longest term client for the 3rd time since we started working together in 2014! Imagine, just meeting 3 times in 3 years? Our communication is via email 99.9% of the time and we depend on it to get work done. We’ve actually never had a voice call conversation. Everything just seems to flow so perfectly through our inboxes. Oh the beauty of virtual assistance ??

So now that winter has come to an end and summer is hear, I am really looking forward to the energy of the new season. There are only 4 months left before the year ends and soon we will be taking audit of our personal and professional lives. We will be taking auditing of our business goals and doing those “New Year, New Me’s” all over again. But before we even get there I would want to ask you about  where you are now. How was your winter? How do you want your summer to be?

My winter was cold. So cold, there are countless days I just felt like spending the entire day in bed experiencing the warmth and coziness of it. But I didn’t. I had to put in hours. Lots and lots of hours. Now that summer is here though, am realizing that I forgot to put in lots and lots of hours in staying fit during the winter. Yes we added a couple of kilos over here ??. But I want my summer be light and free of all the kilos I gained in the winter. That means only one thing. I have to get back to working out and staying fit.

That’s not all. I have to keep some healthy business habits as well. What does that mean for me? Keeping sight of my goals, being intention in my actions and maintaining consistency. It’s never easy, but it surely can be done. So as we say Hello September and Hello Summer let’s not forget to bring brightness, freshness and vibrancy into our businesses too because there is still a lot that still needs to be done in 2017 and very little time left to do it.

Happy New Month!

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