Twenty47VA @ 3: How did I get here?

Today I woke up at 4am intending to write a blog post on the journey I have walked with Twenty47 Virtual Assistant since 1 March 2014. But when I got up, took my laptop and sat on my bed to start typing nothing came. Zero words. I couldn’t type anything. But I had a plan. I spent all week thinking about what that post was going to be about but at 4am this morning, all words escaped from me. Now am on way to work today and am still thinking, So girl you seriously have nothing to say about Twenty47 @ 3? Actually I do. I have a question and an answer.


How did I even get here?

Until 1 March 2014, my life was pretty much predictable. I could predict anything. It was very comfortable too (in an interestingly uncomfortable way). I know that doesn’t seem to make sense. Well, life hardly makes sense people. Last night I happened to have this thought: It’s been exactly 3 years since I walked out of the doors of my job with a plan. Just a plan. I had zero clients. It was just me and I was determined to start from scratch. When I think of it sometimes I feel like telling myself, “Girl that was just foolish!” LOL! Because I had no idea my “plan” wasn’t going to play out the way I had been envisioning for the 9 months prior to walking out on my employer. I didn’t know things would cease to be predictable. I didn’t know there would be so much discomfort I had to endure from time to time. I didn’t know I had to be more patient than I had ever been in my life. I didn’t know I had to deal with rejection and hearing, “No” and had to be totally OK with it. I didn’t know all these things. Because, according to me, I had plan and that plan was going to work.

But the plan didn’t work as I had planned it out. No, it didn’t.

Now, I could sit here and go on and on about how I achieved the tidbits of success enjoyed and celebrated over the past 3 years but then I doubt it would be an honest summary of how things really played out and why I am still waking up every day to do Twenty47 the way I do. But I won’t. Because I have done a lot of things. I have tried a lot of things. Some of them worked and some just had me falling flat on my face in pits of failure and shame.

So…how did I even get here?

My truth, in short, is that the grace of God has brought me this far and is the reason I still stand. If there is anything I have learnt over the past 3 years more than anything it’s to trust God completely – even when I don’t want to. Because a lot of things can get really unpredictable and uncertain. You can have a million dollars today and lose all of it by tomorrow. One door will open and five others with close in your face – yet I still have to have faith and trust God. There is something about struggle that humbles a human being. There is something about failure that just pierces into the core of your being and makes you question all the intelligence you think you had growing up. Ask anyone who once had plenty, lost everything and then had to make do or start over with…well…little or nothing.

And then there are those wins. The opportunities. The blessings. The ones you don’t even understand how they came to you because they just don’t make sense. Well, I know now more than ever that sometimes God’s blessings can be so great they don’t make sense! I can say whatever about how I got here but at the end of the day, my Maker had the final say. He always has the final say over anything that concerns my life. Always.

So today, I grateful for the journey travelled, the grace, the favor and all the miracles. I am grateful for the strength to keep trusting as I work through the process every day. I am grateful for the support I have received from everyone who dared to do so in a lot of different ways. I am grateful for all my clients who have come and gone over the years. I’m grateful for the partnerships and friendships that have come to be because of this business. Thank you all for adding to the thrill on this roller coaster ride they call running a business.

Here’s to another year of abundant blessings, grace and favour at Twenty47 Virtual Assistant.

I am a virtual assistant from Zimbabwe specialising in helping businesses efficiently serve, help, support and care for their clients through efficient customer contact management on the World Wide Web. My customer care experience comes from diverse industries and markets but most know me from my support in the Information Technology space. Visit my LinkedIn Profile to find out more about me!

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