[VIDEO] Graphic Design For Dummies

I am quite tech savvy but when it comes to graphic design, I cringe because I feel it just takes too much of my time. If I was a graphic designer, that wouldn’t be a problem but I’m not. However, I still want to create visually appealing content for social media or my blog. I know how to use Photoshop and Gimp but have always wished there was an easier way to just get the work done.

A couple of months ago, I embarked on my search for this easy way and came across this amazing site called Canva. Where had it been hiding all along? It’s fail-proof and it indeed is for dummies. If you want to create beautiful visual content to use online and offline, watch this very short video in which I show you just how easy it is to use this platform. You can thank me later!

And that’s what you call graphic design for dummies!

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