Gadgets & Technologies Any Zim Business Owner Should Have

Technology is not a luxury anymore but a necessity to make you stand out and improve on your work efficiency. The right tools assist you in achieving your business potential, making it easier to work from anywhere. Here are some of the gadgets and technologies that I think every business owner in Zimbabwe should own.


Every time I used to ask my sister a question, she would reply with the statement, “Google is your friend” and when she got tired of that she would say, “Let me ask my friend”. Until I finally just got it. Google really is your BFF (You might want to Google BFF too!). If you have a website, you might also want to start playing with Google Analytics so that you know who is also searching about you. It’s important to know the traffic it generates and from where. These play a major role in the success of your business. So always be ready to play with Google. It has answers to many questions you have 😉

Dropbox (Or any good cloud storage platform)

Forget file cabinets and hard drives. This prevents you from moving around with a lot of gadgets or documents. You can access files from anywhere as they are stored on the cloud and can still be organised as it allows you to create files. You can also try cloud storage platforms like Google Drive, iCloud and OneDrive.

Power BankImage result for powerbank

Even better a solar power bank. A must have in Zim! With the power cuts in Zimbabwe you do not want to be caught off the grid when your clients or partners start calling you.

Mobile Phone No. 2Image result for kambudzi phone

Now this is not just any phone neither is it a smart phone but a phone with long battery life popularly known as ‘Mbudzi’. It’s vital you get one. Not just for the battery life, but also for you to enjoy best services from different mobile operators.

Mobile/Internet Banking

I am pretty sure you have other things to do like growing your business instead of standing in a bank queue all day. The time wasted in those queues is unbelievable! That’s money wasting away. Why not then make use of internet banking, mobile banking and mobile money like ecocash, one wallet etc. whilst you are in your office or on the go?

Smart Phone

You can basically do anything from your smartphone from checking emails, taking photos, setting up meetings and using ‘apps’ for other business needs you may have. It’s important to look at each phone’s capabilities and purchase one that is suitable for you. Exorbitant telephone costs are a thing of the past thanks to mobile apps like Skype, WhatsApp calling and Facebook. You can practically connect with your clients from anywhere in the world at a very reasonable cost.

POS Machine/Mobile Wallet

You knew this one was going to make the list didn’t you? You cannot be in Zimbabwe (2017) and not have a POS Machine or mobile wallet. How else should people pay for their goods, services or merchandise? You know cash is a non-starter here at the moment. So be ready to have easy and alternative ways to accept payment.

Of course, there’s more but this is what came at the top of our heads today. Which gadget or technology can you just not do without?



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