Delegating for success – Help anyone?

Tomorrow is the last day of the month of January. People are always joking around about how January seems to be such a long month. Well, it is usually characterised by most people being broke because the distance between their last paycheck in December and the next one in January seems to be longer than the usual “30 kilometers” (if you know what I mean).

My January, however, seems to have gone by so fast. Just yesterday, I was posting my Happy New Year messages and after tomorrow it will be awkward to say, “Compliments of the New Season” already! I’ve really been engrossed in a lot of planning over the past 30 days and I’m not the only one. A lot of business owners have been doing the same. I was particularly blown away by a very high interest we got from our clients, social media engagements and referrals¬† interested in engaging our services in 2019. As much as they all wanted support in different areas, they surely had one thing in common. They all needed some help and realised they couldn’t reach the levels of success they were aiming for trying to do everything on their own – and as Virtual Assistants we are always waiting to help wherever we can.

Choosing to delegate is not an easy decision to make because delegation itself is a skill that requires to be learnt and perfected. Why? Because it’s one thing to just give instructions, and another to lead and direct a team of people to achieve your goals and drive your business towards its vision. I like to call it “Delegating For Success“. Many of us business owners (myself included) shrug at the thought of having someone else help us with our work as an employee or an independent contractor. We worry about a lot of things. Will they keep my work private? Will they meet deadlines? Will they click with the rest of my team?¬† Will I be able to afford them? How much training will they need? Will I have time to train them? If there are hesitations in answering any of these questions (and more) we quickly choose to do the work on our own.

What a shame! Right? Someone once told me that great business leaders know how to harness the strengths of those around them. They are aware of their weaknesses and know when to ask for help. As long as you are clear about your destination and the direction you want to go, it shouldn’t be difficult to manage delegation of tasks to other people.

So if you are looking to succeed in your business in 2019, you need to start identifying areas you will need assistance with. What are your strengths? How about your weaknesses? What kind of assistance do you need? What kind of qualities do you want in the person who will be helping you? Do you have a budget for engaging someone who will help you? There are just so many questions to answer.

Many people usually feel stuck on that budget question though. Will I be able to afford this resource? That’s why it’s important to plan for it. And it doesn’t end there. I think it’s good to take your focus away from worrying about how much you will spend on getting help and think about the benefits that come from having more hands on the job in your business. If you are going to free up your time, how many more clients will you be able to take? Maybe you were handling 5 at a time. Won’t getting help increase that by at least 50%? Does that mean more income for you? Maybe. You will need to do the homework and be honest with yourself as you go through the process of planning to get more human resources in your business.

I’m immensely proud of the business owners, new and seasoned, who approached me in this month of January expressing their need to have more support in their business. Clearly you are all ready to tackle what the new year has in store for you and your businesses. I am happy to be of service and look forward to mutually beneficial relationships in 2019. Let’s go!

Happy delegating!

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