What is a Virtual Assistant anyway?

What is a Virtual Assistant (VA) anyway? Would you believe me if I told you that just this past week, I have been asked this question a total of 8 times. That’s 8 times over a period of 5 days (Monday to Friday). The question has been coming, especially as a response to the offer Read more about What is a Virtual Assistant anyway?[…]

Are meetings ALWAYS necessary?

Some time last week my business partner, Itai, and I scheduled a meeting for yesterday afternoon. I am the one who actually requested for the meeting in the hope that we would discuss some business together in person. If I remember well, I actually said, “Let’s meet up.”; something we hardly do because we’re all Read more about Are meetings ALWAYS necessary?[…]

But…What Is Transcription?

First of all, THANK YOU to all those who have been sharing in their networks the incredibly insane offer we have running this month for transcription services. Your support will always be appreciated! 🙂 But now, after letting my network in on this crazy January offer I announced yesterday, this is was the most asked Read more about But…What Is Transcription?[…]

2018: Why Am I So Excited?

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Before we get into the celebrations: Yes. Yes. I know it’s been a while. Last post in September 2017? I honestly cannot believe myself. 🙁 BUT… I am happy to tell you that it still was a great year. If anything, I got so busy with client projects in the last half Read more about 2018: Why Am I So Excited?[…]


Gadgets & Technologies Any Zim Business Owner Should Have

Technology is not a luxury anymore but a necessity to make you stand out and improve on your work efficiency. The right tools assist you in achieving your business potential, making it easier to work from anywhere. Here are some of the gadgets and technologies that I think every business owner in Zimbabwe should own. Read more about Gadgets & Technologies Any Zim Business Owner Should Have[…]

[POLL] Which staff hiring option would you prefer for your business?

Can you spare a minute? We are running this poll to find out what the preferred staff hiring options are amoung small businesses. As you know, we provide support to businesses remotely making use of various technology. However, we have come across other business owners who cannot seem to wrap their had around having a Read more about [POLL] Which staff hiring option would you prefer for your business?[…]

Understanding Requirements

Anyone who met me before I became a virtual assistant in 2014, will remember me as that lady who was all about IT and computers. Rightfully so, computers were (and are still really) my life! During that time in corporate following graduating from university, I got the opportunity to work on a number of technical projects. Read more about Understanding Requirements[…]

What’s New With the Virtual Assistants – 90 Days Later?

The first quarter of 2017 comes to a close today. If you are like me, you are probably already taking stock of the goals you have achieved so far. Oh yes – virtual assistants do it to! The season was not as busy as I had anticipated, giving me an opportunity to work on the various shifts. Read more about What’s New With the Virtual Assistants – 90 Days Later?[…]