Internet Research

Do you know that there are one billion websites on the World Wide Web? Yes! 1,000,000,000 websites, all having tonnes and tonnes of information – who knows where you would be able to find what you are looking for? If you are the kind of person who just doesn’t know where to start with any research project online and only wish you could get some help, then this service may be what you need to get you moving forward. Hey , we know our way around the internet pretty well (wink wink) and can help you locate the just information you are struggling to find.

Document Processing

Do you have some files to convert or data that needs to be entered somewhere? We will help you with the following and probably more:

  • Data entry from one file source to another
  • Converting files from one source to another (Word, Excel, PDF, Image Files)
  • Transcription Services (converting your audio/video to text)

Errand Runs

We do errand runs in Harare. Do you have a task you need completed that involves moving from one point to another? We can help you get it done. All you need to do is send details and instructions of the errand and we will have a resource on it in no time. You get time to focus on completing other tasks in your day.

Automation of Mail, Website & Social Media Services

You can free up most of your time by being more organised with your online activities as they can take up A LOT of it. We help you setup automation system for your emails, blog and social media platforms so that you focus more on developing more content and engaging with followers interested in what you have to offer. This also helps you maintain consistency on the online space so that when life happens (as it always does) and you can’t be in front of your computer for whatever reason, your online brand still remains active. Your audience will continue to receive the great content you have to offer.

Email & Newsletter Management 

Sometimes inboxes can get really busy and many business owners and professionals find it hard to juggle between getting each each attended to and doing their day-to-day work. Don’t you just wish you could just put an auto-responder on certain kind of emails?

All emails are important and should be treated with care, especially enquiries from prospective clients. If you are going to win that client’s favour, you need to ensure you responded in a personalised and timeously manner.

So how can we help?

Email filtering – Get your emails organised and have only important emails forwarded to your personal inbox for responding. That’s not to say you are ignoring other emails – you are just remaining focused on the important tasks at hand.

Email responding – Do you have an email inbox that is constantly flooded with enquiries? All enquiries are important and it’s crucial that each is attended to. Your inbox’s emails will be responded to within a turnaround time not more than 12 hours following receipt of the enquiry.

Followup emails – Are looking into sending follow up emails to your prospects or customers but not sure how you can carryout and manage the process? We can send these emails on your behalf, monitor and forward responses that will be needing your action.

Newsletter setup and management – Newsletters help you build lasting relationships and maintain constant contact with your prospects and clients. There are many platforms now available to allow you to set up your newsletter. We can help you set this up and, if you have a WordPress site, we will integrate it with your website.

Email communication reports – Are you monitoring email communications in your business? These email communication reports will give you insight of the kind of engagement you have with your prospects and clients based on the metric measures that matter to you.

Web Content Publishing

Do you have a website where you would want to publish content on a regular basis e.g. blog posts, but you can do with a whole lot of help with the logistics associated with publishing the posts, SEO and sharing on social media platforms? We mainly specialise in distributing and publishing content on Wordpress sites. We also provide proofreading services on all content submitted for publishing – allowing you to make corrections before putting it online.

Press & Online Media Releases

We will write and distribute your press releases for your business. Not only that, we will also submit these to the major media houses, including online blogs, for publishing; improving the image and traction of your business and brand.

All pricing is project-based. Get in touch to share your requirements and get a customised quote.