2018: Why Am I So Excited?


Before we get into the celebrations: Yes. Yes. I know it’s been a while. Last post in September 2017? I honestly cannot believe myself. 🙁 BUT… I am happy to tell you that it still was a great year. If anything, I got so busy with client projects in the last half of the year I had to focus on attending to their needs. Yes. They come first. They are the reason we exist. Otherwise, I do hope you had a great ending to your 2017 and are as excited about 2018 as I am. For many reasons, the thought of just getting that opportunity to step into 2018 had me all excited towards the end of last month. I always see a New Year as an opportunity to open a new leaf, right some wrongs and explore more than you did the previous year. It could be more in business or in your personal life – either way, it’s just exciting drawing out those plans and then taking the required action to achieve your dreams.

Now, just a quick recap of how 2017 has been for me and Twenty47 Virtual Assistant. Firstly, I am immensely grateful for everyone we had an opportunity to work with. ALL.OF.YOU. Some projects were short and some spanned the entire year through recurring and new work altogether. We got to meet and work with people who are doing amazing things in the business space in Zimbabwe. With such people contributing to the economic growth of this country, I am very hopeful of a bright future for Zimbabwe. I can only hope the relationships we established will be as long lasting as they have been with my first client ever with whom I celebrated our 3rd year anniversary mid last year. We started working together in 2014 and have been together since then. What I find so exciting about our relationship is that it really is virtual purest form. It reminds me why I started doing this in the first place. It’s what I was looking for and it’s what I got first. We have only met in person 4 times. Imagine! Just 4 times nearly 4 years now but the technology between us just helps us get a lot of work done.

As we embark on 2018, I’m already busy with client work. We don’t waste time here. It’s exciting to be part of teams planning successes of all kinds in the new year. This is because, when our clients win, we win. When they lose, we would have lost too. We always appreciate the feedback we receive from everyone we work with as it is the only way we can improve in what we do.

In the New Year, there will be changes coming to our service offering but we promise that all this change is good. The changes happening with the technologies we are supporting clients on are happening so rapidly. We cannot be left behind. We also don’t want you to be left behind. Adapt or die they say. If you are not going to remember anything else from this post, please at least just remember THAT. There is a lot to talk about around that so do stick around for future posts.

I know Christmas just passed but, today I come bearing gifts…

…and I believe these gifts may just be on time. I know you have so much work to do this month, concluding on the just ended year and planning for the new one. You also need to make sure your day to day work is going on smoothly. I figured you may have a few things you may want to outsource but are probably thinking to yourself… What about this January Disease? Don’t know what January Disease is? In short, it is when finances are tight in January thanks to interesting decisions made during festive season :). So I figured it’s only fair I create an offer only for January to those needing help getting things done. I am so excited to open up these incredibly insane offers. Things can’t get any crazier here.

Data entry and transcription services are part of the services we offer to our clients and usually they are just one time services. However, we enjoy this work A LOT and are always excited to take up new projects. So I figured, why not go a bit crazy in January with these jobs we find pleasure in doing? Here it goes: This January, beginning today, 4 January 2018 until 31 January 2018 you can get data entry and transcription work done from as little as $5! This offer is EXCLUSIVELY ON FIVERR This is not just a gift to you. It’s a gift you can pass on to other for as long as it is valid. Don’t wait another minute. Let’s get some work done! **CLICK HERE TO GET OFFER!**

After this, there’s nothing more left to say but to just wish you a successful 2018. May this be your best year yet!

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